Tiny Update on My Reading and Writing Life!

Okay guys!

Recently I’ve finished reading Summer by Summer written by Heather Burch. I’m reviewing this book for Miss Literati, so a review will soon be posted there and here!

I’ve also joined Blink‘s street team, which is kind of like a book club that gives members free access to books before they reach bookstores, has exclusive giveaways, cool downloads, books members can review and other team perks! I’m really excited to be joining this team.

Furthermore, I’ve recently encountered a family member with a mutual friend in publishing…which could mean big big news and good good stuff for Blue Vigilante and the WHOLE Vigilante Series!!!!

There is so much more to come; I can feel that the ball is just beginning to role for this entire journey!

Do’s and Don’ts for New Writers

*I thought that this post was so good on Miss Literati, that I’d share it! THIS IS NOT MY POST*

Being a new writer can be very intimidating. From people telling you that getting published is impossible, to comparing your work to others, we completely understand if you are unsure about whether or not you want to pursue a career in writing. That’s why we listed do’s and don’ts that will help all new writers in the beginning stages of accomplishing their dreams!


Practice. A lot of writers get discouraged in the beginning because they think, I don’t write well. But the truth is, authors like John Green and J.K. Rowling didn’t write as well as they do now when they first started! Practice really does make perfect. Before you delve into writing a novel, practice first by completing writing exercises.

Edit. Editing is super important when writing a novel. You could have the most original idea ever, but if publishers see tons of grammar errors then they won’t even give your novel the time of day. Some tips when editing are to edit as you write, and to print out your works and read them in hard-copy form. If something looks odd to you in regard to punctuation or spelling, don’t hesitate to look it up to make sure the grammar is correct.

Write What Interests You. A few years ago, vampires were popular. Now, dystopian novels are the big trend. Don’t feel pressured to write about the latest trend. Not only will being passionless about the material stop you from writing to your full potential, but also it will make something you love feel like a job. Write about what you know and always stay true to yourself and your writing style.

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Don’t Listen to Haters. Whenever someone tells you that it’s impossible to get published, don’t listen because it’s not true. Sure, it could take years for your novel to be published. But with the right idea, an editor and a literary agent, it is definitely possible!

Don’t Let Negative Criticism Discourage You. On Miss Literati, we offer users the chance to receive feedback on their stories from others. But sometimes, the feedback could be negative. If every writer stopped writing because of a negative critique or review, then there would be no books to read! Writing is extremely subjective, which means that not everyone likes the same writing style, theme or genre. Instead of feeling discouraged, take the criticism and see if it could be constructive.

Don’t Start Off Too Big. So, you’ve decided that you’re going to start off by writing a full-length novel. This could be a bad idea! Writing a full-length novel is a super hard task. It involves researching, outlining, creating characters, plots, sentence structure and more! Starting off with a novel could make you feel overwhelmed and could force you to quit before you even really begin. We would suggest starting off with short stories or poems. You never know, a short story or poem could inspire a future novel!

Book Review for SYLO

In my third review for Miss Literati, I was lucky enough to get sent SYLO, a book that I absolutely loved. I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book of the series.

Unfortunately, this has been my last review for Miss Literati, because they have not been returning my emails. When and if they do, I’ll be sure to notify you guys!

Here’s my review below:


New York Times bestselling author, D.J. MacHale’s, novel SYLO instantly draws readers in. It’s a wonderful science-fiction mystery about an island that is quarantined and the confused citizens who live there.

When his parents start acting weird, and a mysterious drug that’s killing people off is being sent around the island, 14-year-old Tucker Pierce and his best friend Quinn, along with the mystifying Tori, set off to find answers. Why is Pemberwick Island, Maine, under quarantine? What is SYLO? Where did the drug, the Ruby, come from? What are the flying shadows? Who can be trusted? What’s the truth? Their actions lead to more questions, drugs and death.

SYLO is book that every teenager can relate to. Not because of the quarantine, island living, and flying shadows, but because throughout the entire book there are elements of everyday life. Feeling like an outcast? That’s in the novel. Tucker also has moments where he falls victim to peer pressure, he is afraid to talk to the girl he likes and he feels like he can’t conform to his parents’ expectations. All of these are typical teenager emotions and situations everyone experiences at least once in their lives. I know I have felt them all.

SYLO, in my own opinion, is an absolutely fantastic novel. By the second sentence on the first page of the book, I was hooked. The style in which the book was written was also a nice change for me—I’ve never really read a first person narrative from a male’s perspective, other than the Percy Jackson series, and I enjoyed the perspective that MacHale used to tell the story. I loved how at the end of every chapter there was a cliffhanger, causing this book to never leave my hands. I couldn’t put it down! I honestly cannot wait until the second book comes out. SYLO is joining my “Favorites” bookshelf!

Review for USES FOR BOYS

In my pilot book review for Miss Literati, I was lucky enough to read USES FOR BOYS. Here’s the review below!

Erica Lorraine Scheidt‘s debut novel, USES FOR BOYS, is an astonishing, realistic coming-of-age story about a teenage girl struggling to fill the void of loneliness in her insane life.

With a superficial mother that is never home because she’s always working or going on dates, and no father figure to speak of, 16-year-old Anna feels more alone than ever, especially after her only friend, Nancy, abandons her. In attempts to feel wanted, Anna takes to spending time with a bunch of different boys. Her actions end up earning her a pretty negative reputation at school.

With a new friend, Toy, Anna’s life starts to pick up; especially when she meets Sam, one of the only boys in her life that genuinely accepts who she is. Sam is perfect in Anna’s eyes and he is a boy that Anna can compare to Toy’s multiple boyfriends, which seem to jump from the pages of fairytales. Sam’s family loves and accepts Anna and all of her flaws, taking her under their wing.

USES FOR BOYS is a book that every teenage girl can relate to. The feeling of being an outcast, being lonely and being judged are very prevalent themes in the novel. This being said, I wouldn’t suggest the book for younger readers as it has more than one sexual scene and the ‘f’ bomb is dropped a few times.

Overall I enjoyed the book and related to it, not because I’m like Anna, but because I’ve seen girls at my school like her. In the future, because of this book, I’m going to try my best not to be rude to girls like Anna, or ignore them; I will attempt to befriend them and help them through their struggles.

USES FOR BOYS is a special book that, if read by the right person, can change lives for the good.