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Go and Smell the Roses

I am currently sitting in the Creative Writer’s Club at my college.

Yep. I’m a college girl now; actually going into an educational field of what I’ve wanted to do pretty much my whole life: writing. I’m not going to say what college I’m in because that’s too personal of information to share on this blog.

What I’m here to say is this:

No matter what your passion may be (writing, photography, biology, etc.) don’t be afraid to pursue it. Even though I know that a writing degree doesn’t at all guarantee me a good job or a stable future, I don’t care. Maybe I should care. But why? Why should I be forced into an education that doesn’t interest me, or even disgusts me (blood is gross)? Just for the stability of a job? If I hate going to work everyday, I may as well die young. But, even though I know that struggle is ahead of me, I’ll be able to endure it because I’ll love what I’m doing.

I’m young and just starting out. I’m blind to what the world has to offer me, but I’m not afraid.

Not only do I know that the Lord has a path already laid out for me, but I know that with a passion burning as strongly as mine for writing, EVERYTHING will work out positively in the end.

So, what I’m saying in this blog post is this:

Don’t be afraid to pursue your passion just because it doesn’t have the best stability. If you’d rather be stable and a little bit miserable, then fine. I’m not going to tell you how to live. But I’m not scared and I’m ready to face all of life’s difficulties. Here’s to the future.

“Blue Vigilante” Back Cover

Since the entire point of me creating this blog is to show my journey in “pursing” (ahhhh, see what I did there? ;D) my dreams and publishing the Vigilante series, I thought that I would give you guys a sneak-peek and post what the back cover of book one, Blue Vigilante will say.


I’ve been told that everything I do is fueled by revenge.

That’s mostly true.

People want to kill me, others owe me their lives, but none of it would’ve happened if the person I used to look up to hadn’t betrayed my trust…hadn’t killed me.

I’m not normal, I’m three people. One of me is dead, the other will be forgotten, the last will live on forever.

I am the Blue Vigilante. 


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