Do’s and Don’ts for New Writers

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Being a new writer can be very intimidating. From people telling you that getting published is impossible, to comparing your work to others, we completely understand if you are unsure about whether or not you want to pursue a career in writing. That’s why we listed do’s and don’ts that will help all new writers in the beginning stages of accomplishing their dreams!


Practice. A lot of writers get discouraged in the beginning because they think, I don’t write well. But the truth is, authors like John Green and J.K. Rowling didn’t write as well as they do now when they first started! Practice really does make perfect. Before you delve into writing a novel, practice first by completing writing exercises.

Edit. Editing is super important when writing a novel. You could have the most original idea ever, but if publishers see tons of grammar errors then they won’t even give your novel the time of day. Some tips when editing are to edit as you write, and to print out your works and read them in hard-copy form. If something looks odd to you in regard to punctuation or spelling, don’t hesitate to look it up to make sure the grammar is correct.

Write What Interests You. A few years ago, vampires were popular. Now, dystopian novels are the big trend. Don’t feel pressured to write about the latest trend. Not only will being passionless about the material stop you from writing to your full potential, but also it will make something you love feel like a job. Write about what you know and always stay true to yourself and your writing style.

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Don’t Listen to Haters. Whenever someone tells you that it’s impossible to get published, don’t listen because it’s not true. Sure, it could take years for your novel to be published. But with the right idea, an editor and a literary agent, it is definitely possible!

Don’t Let Negative Criticism Discourage You. On Miss Literati, we offer users the chance to receive feedback on their stories from others. But sometimes, the feedback could be negative. If every writer stopped writing because of a negative critique or review, then there would be no books to read! Writing is extremely subjective, which means that not everyone likes the same writing style, theme or genre. Instead of feeling discouraged, take the criticism and see if it could be constructive.

Don’t Start Off Too Big. So, you’ve decided that you’re going to start off by writing a full-length novel. This could be a bad idea! Writing a full-length novel is a super hard task. It involves researching, outlining, creating characters, plots, sentence structure and more! Starting off with a novel could make you feel overwhelmed and could force you to quit before you even really begin. We would suggest starting off with short stories or poems. You never know, a short story or poem could inspire a future novel!