Detroit: Through a Teenager’s Eyes

Common connotations that pop into mind across the country when “Detroit” is heard are dangerous, poor, run-down and forgotten. When I hear “Detroit”, I think of indestructible.

IMG_2662As a Michigan girl, born and raised, Detroit has always held a wonder for me. Both of my parents grew up north of the Zilwaukee, so my life consisted of visits north; as my eighth grade English teacher stated, “You either go to Detroit, or you don’t.” Needless to say, I belonged to the later group.

Detroit was just out of reach for me, forty minutes south and without a licence, the infamous city lay in wait for me and the day I discovered it. That day happened, I don’t know exactly when, but it did. Maybe when they were filming Transformers? Quite possibly befIMG_2689ore that. Detroit is a city that has led the country, a country that leads the world! Henry Ford started here, his assembly line changed the face of industrialization, his cars changed the face of transportation. Detroit was a picturesque, model city during the Prohibition era, the city served as the home base for the “Arsenal of Democracy” during WWII. Detroit has hosted the Super Bowl and World Series. Detroit has faced crime, floods and bankruptcy.

Why do I think “indestructible” when I think of “Detroit”? Detroit’s residents have faced the ups and downs that the city has thrown at them for three hundred years. Detroit has a history with more layers than the nation it belongs to. This city is filled with undeniable beauty, some of it forgotten, some of it overbearing, but all of it is present. Detroit gave birth to great inventions, great thinkers, great people. There is no people like the people of Detroit, a people who can live with the ups and downs with a IMG_2684city as it breathes and pulses.

Yes, Detroit had been on a downward slope, maybe it had even hit bottom; but the only way left to go is up, and Detroit as an amazing future for it, a close future, a future that I plan to be a part of. Detroit is becoming a desired movie location, the auto industry is growing once again; people are thinking, ideas are flowing and the city’s pulse is quickening!

Do you feel that, Detroiters? It’s the calm before the storm; a storm of growth and prosperity. The time has come to let your city shine!

(This is an article that I wrote a couple of months ago. I thought that I’d share it with you guys so you can get a taste of my still growing journalism skills.)