My Testimony (of sorts)

I’m not sure if this will quality as an exact testimony; but, by the definition below, I think it applies.

TESTIMONY: a compilation of words that tells others about your faith

On April 18th of this year; my car that I use every day (to get to and from school, work, church, extracurriculars, etc.) died. Totally and completely dead…the engine fell out of the car because the cradle rusted through. Granted, this is fixable, but the cost to fix this problem is more money than the car is worth, and I would still need to buy a new car that could survive my college journey. Why do I need to buy a new car for college? Driving eight hours to and from college, along with Michigan weather and it’s unpredictable-ness, plus the age and mileage of the car…there is no way it would survive the first drive up.

Anyways, my car died on April 18th, dropping my family from three cars to two cars; we thought we could last, but we really couldn’t: transportation became a nightmare!

After three days of going crazy and being sad because I couldn’t even get myself to work, I got fed up and decided to turn to my friends.

I’m a member of a small group that my friend started; the members are all strong Christian girls who go to my school, but all who go to different churches. I wouldn’t know most of these girls without this small group. On Tuesday, I sent a text in our group message, explaining the situation and asking all of them to pray for my family that we find a car that will last me through college, and that we find it soon. One option my family was facing was buying two cars for me: one that would get me to school and work, but wouldn’t last me through college, and then I would have to buy another car for college; i.e. buying two cars within the the span of four months; something I could not afford!

So, I texted my small group. I also asked my youth group at church that evening. I probably asked thirty people that day to pray for me and my family.

For four days, my family and I had been struggling and constantly looking for a car that we could get our hands on.

The next morning, my dad found the exact car that I wanted and put a deposit on it; that night, we bought it.

I think that God wanted me to wait those four long days in order to strengthen my faith in Him; and those four days and the prayers and finding the car the next day really did strengthen my faith.