‘Beauty Queens’ Review

Rating: 2/5 stars
This is also a book that I listened to from Overdrive.

Don’t let the two star rating discourage you, this book was good AND funny. I suggest listening to it on audiobook, the author, Libba Bray, is the one who reads it. She turned it into a production, doing multiple different voices and even taking commercial breaks. It was hilarious! I wish every audiobook was made into a production like Bray made ‘Beauty Queens’.

This book is ‘Lord of the Flies’ meets America’s Next Top Model. I couldn’t put it down–er, I couldn’t stop listening to it.

If it was so good, why did I give it such a low rating, you’re wondering.

Though I couldn’t stop listening, I couldn’t get over how much of a parody this book was. Everything was to be taken with a grain of salt. I didn’t get anything out of this book. If the characters didn’t have an alternative agenda when they joined the pagent (like taking it down from the inside or being the first ****spoiler!**** trans person to win the pagent *end spoiler*) then they were just dumb pagent bimbos, unfortuenately.

If this book had been written in a more serious manner, it would have recieved a higher rating from me.

Taylor Swift Looks Amazing

I know that I don’t usually post about fashion, but as my featured post (which I can’t figure out how to change) says, I’m turning this blog into something more along the lines of lifestyle, and fashion is a huge part of all lives. And today I’m going to be focusing on Taylor Swift.

I love love love Taylor, and I just cannot get these photos out of my head. I think she looks absolutely stunning!

Not only does Taylor look flawless, she also looks like a modern day princess in her mini lavender lace dress, gold metal headband and sandy brown shoes; along with natural looking make-up. She rocked the leggy look, because, let’s face it, we all wish we had Taylor Swift’s legs; and killed the sheer look with the rolled up sleeves.

All in all, this look could not look better on anybody. Way to go T-Swizzle; you rocked the look!

disclaimer, these photos were not taken by me, nor do I own them in any way!