Some College Tips | that I found on tumblr

college tips

– do  not  take  8 am classes

– dont take 3 hr classes that only meet once a week

– sleep

– when u write an essay pick out the quotes/examples u want and write the essay around it

– email ur teachers and meet with ur advisors regularly

– quizlet


– bring tupperware to the dining hall to smuggle out extra food

– dont wear your lanyard around your neck

– try to group your classes together in back-to-back time blocks. you wont want to go back to class once you get home


– when walking on the sidewalk keep all the way to the right especially if your pace is slow

– yes, sometimes we can hear the music through your earbuds. we really don’t care or mind

– try not to eat a whole bunch after 10PM, especially fatty foods like pizza or lots of pop. you’ll get stomach aches in the morning

– nerd clubs are 100% okay and there are tons of students who share your interests with you, you just have to look

– take out the fucking trash

P.S. Bring a fan and don’t spend all your on-campus money. Its useful during finals.

Before you register for your classes, you can check what other students think of certain professors on to avoid getting those not-so-good instructors lol. Every instructor has a different way of teaching, and it can affect your learning.

the perfect list -people always told me not to take 8ams and I avoided them my entire freshmen year

first term my day started at 12 and ended at 4 though – I noticed I would stay up late and waste half the day sleeping and miss lunch, it’s way more productive for me to at least start at 9 or 10

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