In my second book review for Miss Literati, I was able to read The Lucy Variations, which has become one of my favourite books! :


Sara Zarr’s novel, THE LUCY VARIATIONS, is a coming-of-age story about a teenage girl struggling to decide who she wants to be in life; and how to get her family to understand and support her.

With an overly competitive grandfather who refuses to have things any other way than the way he wants them, a mother who always agrees with Lucy’s grandpa, and a father that tries to stay out of the middle, 16-year-old Lucy doesn’t know how to communicate her decisions to her family.

When death strikes, and her family hires new piano teacher, Will, for her brother, Gus, Lucy thinks that she finally finds somebody who understands. Someone who can help her.

THE LUCY VARIATIONS is a book that I believe every teenage girl should read. It helps the reader see that no matter what happens in your family, your family is always there for you; they’ll always come around in the end. 

The book sort of made me think of Pretty Little Liars meets Arrow. In relation to PLL, Lucy is into older men (Don’t worry, nothing bad happens!) and the book starts out with a death that gets the ball rolling. 

In relation to Arrow, there are flashbacks throughout the novel that help the reader understand where Lucy is in her life and why. If you’re sensitive to swear words I wouldn’t suggest reading this book, it’s based in high school, after all.

Overall I enjoyed the book and related to it in the sense of being shy to share my goals in life with my family. I completely fell in love with THE LUCY VARIATIONS and can honestly say that it’s now one of my favorite books!

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