Review for USES FOR BOYS

In my pilot book review for Miss Literati, I was lucky enough to read USES FOR BOYS. Here’s the review below!

Erica Lorraine Scheidt‘s debut novel, USES FOR BOYS, is an astonishing, realistic coming-of-age story about a teenage girl struggling to fill the void of loneliness in her insane life.

With a superficial mother that is never home because she’s always working or going on dates, and no father figure to speak of, 16-year-old Anna feels more alone than ever, especially after her only friend, Nancy, abandons her. In attempts to feel wanted, Anna takes to spending time with a bunch of different boys. Her actions end up earning her a pretty negative reputation at school.

With a new friend, Toy, Anna’s life starts to pick up; especially when she meets Sam, one of the only boys in her life that genuinely accepts who she is. Sam is perfect in Anna’s eyes and he is a boy that Anna can compare to Toy’s multiple boyfriends, which seem to jump from the pages of fairytales. Sam’s family loves and accepts Anna and all of her flaws, taking her under their wing.

USES FOR BOYS is a book that every teenage girl can relate to. The feeling of being an outcast, being lonely and being judged are very prevalent themes in the novel. This being said, I wouldn’t suggest the book for younger readers as it has more than one sexual scene and the ‘f’ bomb is dropped a few times.

Overall I enjoyed the book and related to it, not because I’m like Anna, but because I’ve seen girls at my school like her. In the future, because of this book, I’m going to try my best not to be rude to girls like Anna, or ignore them; I will attempt to befriend them and help them through their struggles.

USES FOR BOYS is a special book that, if read by the right person, can change lives for the good.

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